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  • Our handpicked team of washer repair wizards combines unparalleled expertise and a touch of magic to solve even the trickiest washer issues, guaranteeing efficient and spellbinding results.
  • We don't believe in keeping you in spin cycle limbo. Our lightning-fast service aims to have your washer back in action the same day so you can bid farewell to laundry woes in a flash.
  • Nothing sneaks up on you like hidden costs or surprises when you deal with us because of our upfront pricing philosophy.
  • Prepare to be treated like royalty as we enchant you with our exceptional customer service. From courteous communication to personalized attention, our team will go the extra mile to make your washer repair experience truly enchanting.
  • With a track record of delivering extraordinary results, we have become the trusted choice for countless households, ensuring your washer remains a faithful companion for years to come.

Comprehensive Washer Repair Services in London, Ontario: Your Trusted Solution for All Washer Types

Front-Load Washers Repair

Front-Load Washers

Because of its streamlined design, reduced energy use, and superior cleaning power, front-loading washers are becoming more and more common. Nevertheless, you should absolutely depend on front-load washer repair specialists if your modern marvels have issues with drainage blockages, broken electronic controls, or leaks in the door seal.

Our skilled technicians possess in-depth knowledge of the intricate workings of front-load washers and can promptly diagnose and resolve any problems to restore optimal functionality.

Top-Load Washers Repair

Top-Load Washers

For those who prefer the familiarity and simplicity of top-load washers, our expert technicians are well-versed in their inner workings as well. From agitator and belt replacements to addressing issues with water temperature control or spin cycle irregularities, we have the expertise to provide efficient repairs for all major top-load washer brands.

Our goal is to ensure your washer operates smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and reliability these traditional models offer.

High-Efficiency (HE) Washers

High-Efficiency (HE) Washers

Due to the significantly reduced energy and water consumption of high-efficiency washers, people now wash differently. These high-tech washers clean just as well as conventional models but with far less water and detergent. However, their complex mechanisms can present unique repair challenges. At Profixx Appliance Repair company, our technicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and fixing issues specific to HE washers, including sensor failures, drainage problems, and electronic control malfunctions.

With our expertise, we can quickly restore your HE washer's high-performance capabilities.

Compact and Stackable Washers Repair

Compact and Stackable Washers

Due to their ability to conserve space while maintaining functionality, stackable and compact washers have gained significant popularity in the metropolitan area of London. Multipurpose washers are frequently found in condominiums, apartments, and houses with limited laundry space.

Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience fixing small and stackable washer machines, guaranteeing that every inch of your laundry room that saves space is still completely functioning. We have the know-how to keep your compact washer operating properly, whether it's dealing with electrical, drum, or motor problems.

Common Washer Problems That We Repair

Washer not spinning

  • Faulty motor
  • Broken belt
  • Malfunctioning lid switch

The washer not filling with water

  • Faulty water inlet valve
  • Clogged filters
  • Malfunctioning pressure switch

Strange noises during the operation

  • Defective motor
  • Worn-out bearings
  • Malfunctioning drive belt

Error codes on the display

  • Issues with sensors
  • Malfunctioning control boards
  • Other component problems

Washer not draining

  • Clogged drain hose
  • Defective pump
  • Malfunctioning control board

Excessive vibration or shaking

  • Unbalanced load
  • Worn-out suspension springs
  • Defective shock absorber

Leaking water

  • Damaged door seal
  • Worn-out pump or hose
  • Faulty water inlet valve

Trustworthy Service Tailored to Your Washer's Needs

We understand the value of having specific knowledge and abilities for each kind of equipment when it comes to Washer Repair London Ontario. We have thus made it our goal to become actual experts in fixing all significant washer kinds. We have committed ourselves to learning the nuances of each model, whether you have a front-load, top-load, high-efficiency (HE), or compact/stackable model. We can provide complete solutions for every washer-related problem you may have because of our everlasting dedication to quality and our vast industry knowledge. You can rely on us to conduct your washer repairs with the finest skill and commitment, ensuring that your appliance runs smoothly once again.


What is the average duration for a washer restoration?

Everything is dependent upon the type of issue and the time it takes to obtain the supplies required for a washer repair. Our trained specialists work quickly but carefully to finish repairs without sacrificing quality. The majority of typical repairs usually require one visit to fix.

Do you provide a warranty for your washer repair services?

The quality of our repairs is guaranteed, so yes. Both the labour and the parts utilized in the repair are covered by our warranty. Please ask for details. Warranty duration is conditional on repair type and components. Comprehensive information on warranty coverage is available from our customer support staff.

What is the brand of washers you repair?

Clothes washers from Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, General Electric, LG, Samsung, and a lot more brands are all within our mastery. The specialists' devotion to staying fully informed regarding industry news empowers them to really fix a diverse array of washing machine types.

Can you advise me on what I should do with my washing machine? Do I have to fix it or supplant it?

Whether to supplant or fix the washer depends upon different variables, including the washer's age, the intensity of the issue, and the normal cost of fix. We only offer you the greatest and most economical recommendations we can find due to ethical concerns.

How much does a London washer repair service cost?

Numerous elements, such as the type and extent of the issue, the washer's make and model, and the particular service provider, might affect how much washer repair in London will cost. Get in touch with our appliance repair service directly for more accurate pricing information. 
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