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If your electric dryer gets a break in London, Ontario, you ought to have it fixed by a trustworthy specialist as quickly as possible. Stop searching; we are an industry leader in electric dryer repair and can provide you with several benefits that no one else can match.

To make sure your dryer gets the finest care possible, our skilled technicians have extensive knowledge of numerous types and models. So that you can go back to enjoying fully dry clothing as soon as possible, we provide fast and effective service to minimize disturbance to your routine. We are the ideal choice for electric dryer fixes since we are focused on cheerful clients and just utilize genuine, manufacturer-approved parts.

  • Highly skilled mechanics who are well-versed in a wide range of makes and models.
  • Quick and effective service to keep your day running smoothly.
  • For best outcomes, consistently utilize unique, manufacturer-approved components.
  • Consumer loyalty is our main goal, and we will stop at nothing to satisfy you.
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Common Problems That We Repair

Dryer No Heat

No Heat

Electric dryers often fail to provide sufficient heat. A defective heating component, indoor regulator, thermal fuse, or electrical connection might be making your dryer not heat. Otherwise, one of these may be to blame. The issue may be diagnosed by our highly trained professionals, and any components that are faulty can be replaced in order to restore the appropriate circulation of heat.

Dryer Overheating


An overheated electric dryer isn't only harmful to you, however it might likewise harm your apparel. The issue may be brought about by a flawed thermostat or a blocked ventilation system. Our experts will analyze and clean the dryer vents, as well as fix any harmed parts, to forestall overheating and keep up with proper drying temperatures.

Dryer Noisy Operation

Noisy Operation

Shaking, squeaking, or crushing from your electric dryer could demonstrate worn drum support rollers, broken belts, or failing engine bearings. Our experts will recognize the source of the noise and fix any wrecked parts to restore the dryer's silence.

Dryer Failure to Start

Failure to Start

The inability of your electric dryer to start running might be a very irritating experience. A defective door switch, start switch, or electrical distribution issue may cause this issue. To restore dryer functionality, our technicians will verify electrical connections, test switches, and troubleshoot the power supply.

Types of Electric Dryers That We Repair

  • Vented Dryers

    At our appliance repair company, we concentrate on repairing vented electric dryers as our area of expertise. For the purpose of properly drying garments, these dryers make use of ducts or vents to release hot, humid air. To guarantee that the drying process goes off without a hitch, we inspect the ventilation system.

  • Condenser Dryers

    As an experienced appliance repair company, we also offer repair services for condenser electric dryers. These dryers use a heat exchanger to cool and condense the moist air, converting it into water. Our technicians inspect and repair the heat exchanger and ensure proper functioning of the water collection reservoir for efficient drying.

  • Heat Pump Dryers

    Our professionals repair energy-efficient heat pump electric dryers. These dryers save energy by recycling hot air using heat pumps. We diagnose and repair any issues with the heat pump, ensuring effective moisture extraction and heat reuse for optimal drying performance.

Repair Process

Types of Electric Dryers That We Repair

  1. Time management

    To arrange for a time for us to fix your electric dryer, simply phone or send us an email. To accommodate your availability, we provide flexible scheduling choices.

  2. Evaluation for Diagnoses

    Our skilled specialist will show up at your place on time every time. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, they will inspect your electric dryer carefully and draw on their extensive expertise.

  3. Clear Clarification

    Our expert will be forthright and clear when explaining the problem to you when he or she has found it. In addition to outlining the required repairs in detail, they will also address any concerns you may have.

  4. Quick and Easy Fixing

    Our trained specialist will immediately start fixing the problem once you provide the go-ahead. In order to keep your electric dryer running smoothly and for as long as possible, they will use only components that have been approved by the manufacturer.

  5. Extended Evaluation

    Once the repairs are finished, our specialist will test your electric dryer extensively to make sure it's working well. Doing this will guarantee that your dryer is free of any problems and ready to be used.

Try out our speedy repair service and see how easy it is. Make an appointment for your electric Dryer Repair London Ontario with our company now.

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What are the indicators my electric dryer needs maintenance?

If the dryer won't heat up, won't turn on, takes longer to dry clothes, makes unusual noises or odours, or has error codes, take it to the store. These indications generally indicate a repairman is needed.

Should I hire a pro or fix my electric dryer myself?

Electric dryer repairs should be done by professionals, but you may check the power supply and lint trap to detect the problem. We have the skills and tools to discover and fix complex issues for safety and top performance.

How much does electric dryer repair cost in London, Ontario?

The cost of repair may depend on the issue, damage, and service provider. Contact us, the best repair company, for the most accurate quote. There are no hidden fees.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace my electric dryer?

Before choosing, evaluate the dryer's age, repair and replacement costs, and condition. We assess the problem and provide customized suggestions.

Electric dryer repairs typically take how long?

How difficult and fast the components are acquired will affect how long it takes to address the issue. Minor repairs can occasionally be done on the same day. But, if the problem is more serious or if you need to order certain components, the repair process might take longer.
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